It's nearly time for the Eurocup - by Barry Scott

The date for the semi final of the Eurocup competition is fast approaching so for those who may not know what's involved here is a brief resumé.

The Eurocup is a competition for English clubs. Preliminary rounds are played around the country with the aim of eliminating and reducing the number of teams to 16. The last 16 play in four semi finals and the final is played between the top four teams.

The format for the preliminary rounds consists of triples and doubles with singles being added in the later rounds. Each club will play the other three in their group as follows:- 2 x triples (1 mixed), 3 x doubles (1 mixed), 6 x singles (1 opposite gender).

The minimum number of players is 6 (inc 1 opp gender) and the maximum is 8 (inc 2 opp gender). 

London 1 have qualified for the semi final which will be played over two days on 6/7 April at Luton PC, St Thomas's Rd, Luton LU2 7UX.

I expect to have a very strong London squad this year, some you will be familiar with and others who you don't see too often in London because of other national commitments. These players will be representing your club at the highest level and would welcome any support.